Upholstery Cleaning

Electrodry – Sydney are the accepted leaders in cleaning upholstery upholstered in any fabric.

Problem fabrics like Indian cotton, leather and suedes and fabrics embroidered in gold and silver threads are our specialty.

We get called upon to service fabrics in difficult colours like milk white, mushroom pink or bright gold by leading hotels because NO ONE ELSE WOULD TOUCH THEM.This is because of expertise we have built over years.

Our eco friendly solvents not only clean but also protect the fabric at the same time.

Leather Upholstery

The claim leather upholstery needs no cleaning is UNTRUE.

After regular use, leather attracts body oils, forms thin layers of fatty grimes and looses its sheen and lustre. To maintain all NEW LOOK, it is essential that leather upholstery is not only cleaned but also conditioned regularly.

Electrodry – Sydney are the accepted leaders and regularly asked  even by the furniture manufacturers to rejuvenate  their unsold and old stock.

When it comes to your costly investment in leather upholstery, you can rely on Electrodry to provide desired aftercare.


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